Mr. Fivehair:

Mr. Fivehair

Where does Mr. Fivehair come from?

He made his appearance at night, on May 27, 2002, in the kitchen of Potential Mrs. Fivehair’s house in Buenos Aires. No doubt: he must have observed me carefully before, patiently awaiting the best moment for his entrance – for, at that time I did not possess any plans, concepts or thoughts that could possibly impede Mr. Fivehair’s course through the pen in my hand onto the paper on the kitchen table. Since then he is with us. The first thirty drawings of that night have evolved into a body of over twelve thousand today: individual drawings, stories, illustrations, images and texts. And we continue to grow together: he and I and the folks in whose life his images have entered, too.

Who is Mr. Fivehair?

He has five hairs and a big left ear with which he can hear also between the lines: Mr. Fivehair is, by nature, a discoverer. He travels freely through the manifold realities of our time – the world of business, social organizations, sciences, politics, public life, the arts, religions and cultures. However, he does not enter these realms as a tourist and observer but as a partaker of everyday life. He shares the hopes, beliefs and postures of the people in these worlds. As we all, he too pursues his very own way while, at the same time, seeks success and a fulfilled life. He moves on until – again, as we all – he suddenly crashes against one of the invisible walls that run through the world and our own heads. Here, his true discovery journey begins: toward the hidden sides of daily life and the inner imageries … those enveloped dimensions so incarnated in our mind that we often are totally unaware of their existence.

What’s his take on life?

Mr. Fivehair is not detached from the world he lives in. He eyes do not view an objective reality that existed independent from his observation. He knows that our observation collaborates in the creation of what we see; and thus he invites us to take a look at our own way of looking, and to view our own images that we have created depicting the world, life and ourselves – not with the purpose of destroying these images but to maintain lively and alive the creating dialogue between us and life.

What are his circuits?

On his journeys he speaks with people of different cultures, mentalities and origins: entrepreneurs, inhabitants of slums, scientists, unemployed, directors of social institutions, educators, young and old, academics and trainees, fanatics, seekers, convinced, habitués and people in the midst of transitions and crisis.

Why does his appearance change?

Prehistoric bird, Spiderman, business man, social worker, scientist, artist, winner and looser, vanguard forerunner and member of the indifferent public, Nobel price winner and beginner, general and soldier, and at one time even a stone in a Zen garden … Mr. Fivehair is always Mr. Fivehair, even though he appears in many roles changing his outer shell. The variation and diversity of his exterior manifest the potentials inherent to all of us, and represent a human characteristic: empathy; that is, the capacity to put ourselves in the shoes and the skin of others. Of course, today we do worship the individual identity of each person, which shall define and distinguish us from all others. But by switching from one self-image to the other, Mr. Fivehair aims to explore the inner potentials that await us beyond defined identities – the essence, as some call it, or the spirit, as others might say.

Who are his friends?

The love of his life is called Potential Mrs. Fivehair – not because their love is under the reserve of future developments, but because of the potentials that The Love frees in them (and us). Potential Mr. Fivehair with her thick black hair tenderly challenges Mr. Fivehair when he – once again – turns oblivious to the uncertainty principle. They both know that, in order to be able to love someone, we must be capable of loving ourselves; and that this is only possible with the help of someone else’s love.

The Shadow follows Mr. Fivehair on every step and always gets itself involved in a most unexpected fashion: at times supporting an already dismissed plan, at times disrupting an unchangeable intention. The Shadow incorporates those properties that Mr. Fivehair cannot or will not accept as his own (and which he therefore recognizes with great accuracy in others); and it represents those still unexplored inner depths that Mr. Fivehair has yet to discover within himself.

When neither ideas nor thoughts nor feelings nor any other inner voices have anything helpful to say, then Mariposa, the butterfly, appears out nowhere. She says nothing – her mere presence makes Mr. Fivehair reconnect with his soul.

And the tie and the glasses?

Depending on where he happens to be, Mr. Fivehair puts a nice tie around his neck. Of course, it is just a symbol. But its effect is rather real, for instance when he stands before the mirror in the morning, five ties in his hand, asking himself: in which approved wisdom shall I dress myself today so as to most effectively show my uniqueness? The glasses on his nose are fundamental when it comes to take existential decisions, for instance if he should act according to the plan or the oracle. The tie appears to suggest the first, but thanks to the glasses Mr. Fivehair opts for the safe way – with the oracle, there exists at least a minimal possibility that its forecast materializes.

A guy like all others?

Mr. Fivehair proposes going beyond tolerance and entering the realm of respect. In everyday life, tolerance often means nothing more than letting others do what they want as long as they do not molest us – a posture that expresses disinterest and maintains the dividing distance. Respect, on the other hand, requires us to keep looking at one another, even though we might not understand nor appreciate what we see. Respect challenges us to expose ourselves to the different and the diverging, and to draw ourselves closer to people and ideas still unknown to us. It is not at all easy for Mr. Fivehair to be respectful all the time. He knows (as we do) that the art of living does not consist in avoiding missteps but to make them look like trendy new dancing steps.

What makes him laugh?

Mr. Fivehair does not ridicule. He finds sarcasm, cynics and the mere caricature of already known traits and behaviors inconclusive. On the same account, he has no desire to imitate and copy human weaknesses and incapability, not even creatively. Irony, humor and tenderness are not self-referential goals but vehicles for a journey of the readers traveling toward greater proximity to themselves and others. For Mr. Fivehair, being able to laugh about oneself is an entry ticket to a fulfilled and connected life.

What is Mr. Fivehair’s hidden agenda?

None. Mr. Fivehair represents nobody and speaks for no particular belief, religion, ideology, school of thought, doctrine, credo or movement. But, yes indeed, he is firmly against the abuse of power, manipulation, physical and mental violence, harmful simplifications, uncritical thinking, stereotypes, and self-referential attitudes and views. His goal however is not tearing down our conscious and unconscious images of life but to encourage us turning the eyes onto ourselves and thus look for ways of true human encounters.

Where is he today?

Mr. Fivehair has been published in Argentina and Europe. Since 2004, he appears various times a week in the magazine “changeX” in Germany. He accompanies the readers of my essays in the books published in collaboration with experts from medicine, neurology, psychiatry, and psychology in the German market. Mr. Fivehair also partakes in educational programs and in local and international initiatives in the area of art and social development. During working sessions he stimulates new views, provokes unexpected and lateral thoughts, opens poetic and emotional gates to complex issues, and captures what emerges.